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Geralt was the son of the sorceress Visenna and presumebly, the warrior Korin. But when he was born, Visenna left him with the School of the Wolf at Kaer Morhen. He survived the many blistering mutations required to grant witchers their abilities and passed the Trial of the Grasses.

Geralt’s training and experimentation carried out upon him was severe, however it granted him greater strength, speed, endurance, resilience, healing, senses, complete immunity to diseases and poisons, and extreme resistance to pain. Geralt was eventually put through the Trial of Forest Eyes, where he was tied up in the woods and blindfolded and needed to return to the keep by morning or consequently he would fail. He was helped out of his blinds by Elf Aideen, and the camp had been attacked by Vrans. They came across a Cat School witchers training and wrestling. Aideen then left Geralt to let him go to his master.

Later on, the Wolf School and the Cat School had a tournament between them, organized by King Radowit II. Later it was known that he had secretly plotted with the Cat School to kill the Witchers from the Wold School. Geralt and Gweld faced off, slowly realizing while they were fighting that the whole tournament was a ruse.


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